Symphony Unveils OBKY 1Voice Chorus for Children

OWENSBORO, KY – The Owensboro Symphony Orchestra is pleased to introduce a new program for youth entitled, OBKY 1Voice. The program was developed to provide the opportunity for area youth to participate in a choral ensemble, no matter what their talent or skill levels might be. OBKY 1Voice is an immersive learning and singing experience for children ages 6-18. It will introduce children to the power of singing—and encourage a love for music that hopefully will last a lifetime.

“The idea behind this program is to make it possible for all youth in the Owensboro area to have an opportunity to express themselves musically, while enabling them to be proud of their accomplishments.” said choir director, Titus Chapman. “Our goal is to create an opportunity for all youth, with no obstacles. It’s free and open to everyone.  We’ll sing music in a gospel style as a unified group and show that Owensboro can sing as 1Voice!”

There are no auditions required for participation in the ensemble.  “It’s not about creating child stars”, said Jeremy Stephens, Owensboro Symphony Director of Operations, “just making your child feel like one, no matter his or her talent level. OBKY 1Voice will bring kids together to celebrate their own voices with others’ to make 1Voice. It will be a transformative experience, where we cultivate social skills and friendships in a positive environment, and instill confidence without competition”.

Rehearsals for OBKY 1Voice are on Thursday evenings in November and December (excluding Thanksgiving), at 6:00 p.m. at the H.L. Neblett Community Center located at 801 W 5th St in Owensboro. OBKY 1Voice will have their first public performance on Thursday, December 19, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. at the H.L. Neblett Community Center. Rehearsals are open for new participants until Thursday, November 21.

OBKY 1Voice is made possible through the Symphony’s Music On Call Community Engagement Program, generously underwritten by Owensboro Health Community Health Investment Grant Program. “The Symphony is very excited to partner with the Neblett Center for this program”, said Gwyn Payne, Deputy CEO of the Orchestra. “We are fortunate to have the support of Owensboro Health which enables us to reach individuals in our community that may not otherwise be able to have these experiences.”