Symphony Introduces New Brand

The City of Owensboro has prided itself with a thriving arts community for many years.  The Owensboro Symphony has been a vital component of this community since its inception in 1966. In the last few years the Symphony has seen a rejuvenation. In celebration and to keep the momentum going, a new brand has been unveiled. This new brand includes a fresh visual image, as well as a slight name change. Traditionally known as the “Owensboro Symphony Orchestra,” the ensemble will now be referred to as the “Owensboro Symphony.” The word “symphony” means “sounds made together”. In a diverse world there is comfort in coming together, even when coming together looks different in this time of COVID-19.

“Since the addition of Troy Quinn as Music Director/Conductor we have seen an increase in audience and community engagement,” said Gwyn Payne, CEO of the Owensboro Symphony. “A brand new look was the obvious next step. We collaborated with Tanner+West, our musicians, audience, staff, community leaders, and board members to define a shared vision for our brand, one which would become the foundation for our new visual identity.”

The new visual identity for the Owensboro Symphony is colorful and striking. It displays a custom G-clef symbol that is made up of many lines, representing many musicians making sound together. Featuring multiple bright colors – representing diversity and excitement with a subtle “O” in the design, the new logo is a true reflection of today’s organization. “I am so pleased to be a part of this organization and thrilled that the brand has been updated to reflect the positive change and growth that has taken place,” said Troy Quinn, Music Director/Conductor.

The Owensboro Symphony’s new branding was created by local advertising agency, Tanner+West. “We were inspired by the revitalization the Owensboro Symphony has recently seen, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this project,” said Jason Tanner, owner of Tanner+West. More information regarding the Owensboro Symphony can be found at