The Owensboro Symphony will conduct auditions for the following contract positions

Assistant Concertmaster*                                           Section Violin

Assistant Principal Cello*                                           Section Viola

Oboe III/English Horn                                                 Section Cello

  • Thursday, August 26, 2021 for Oboe III/English Horn and Section Viola
  • Friday August 27, 2021 for Assistant Concert Master, Section Violin, Assistant Principal Cello, and Section Cello

Auditions will be held in the Musical Arts Center on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana; room TBD.

Audition requirements and repertoire are available by clicking here.

Per service pay scales for the 2021-22 Season are: Assistant Concertmaster $123.50, Assistant Principal $104.50, and Section $95. Travel reimbursement is at a rate of $.28/mile with car-pooling incentives and hotel accommodations (double occupancy) when services are scheduled on consecutive days.

The Owensboro Symphony is a regional orchestra located in northwestern Kentucky performing five subscription concerts, three chamber performances, and a summer pops concert during the 2021-22 season.

Interested musicians should email an educational/professional resume to Gregory Olson, Personnel Manager:  E-mail Greg Olson

Deadline for your intent to audition is Monday, August 16, 2021.

Resume required for all auditions.

*If you are auditioning for Assistant Concertmaster or the Assistant Principal Cello position please note that when you submit your resume.