2nd St Stage, Electrical and Setup Requirements

Stage: While we’ve played in small spaces, 2nd St usually needs a minimum of 16 feet x 24 feet for a stage area. We ask that you provide the chairs (without arms), or we can provide them for an additional fee. While we think the band sounds and looks better from a raised stage, we’ll play at floor level, too. For a dance, you really want to leave a floor space at least as large as the stage area open in front of the band for dancing.

Electrical: Our sound equipment runs on standard 110 circuits. The band will furnish its own extension cords, and will need close access to at least two standard outlets.

Setup/Teardown Time: A minimum of one hour on each side of the gig is required to setup and later strike the set. You are not charged for this; this is a part of the fee.